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New Podcast on Spotify: My Mortality Matters: The Voices and Lives of Black Men 

Now offering telehealth therapy through phone or video sessions in this time of social distancing.

Often times in life we face challenges that we just can't seem to understand. We began to think that there isn't any way that we are going to get through this, that we are going be the same again, or that we will ever see the bright side to this adversity.

I am here to say to you that while you are hurting today, worried today, depressed today, and feeling hopeless....... today doesn't have to define the rest of your life.

Allow me to help you face these challenges and together we can discover that through this challenge you will become stronger, more independent, and yes, that you will be empowered to tackle the obstacles that life may bring.

I want to help you face the challenges TODAY!

In my practice, my goal is to help you through this difficult time and to recognize the power within you to handle this challenge and to fight for and live your best life.

"Be yourself ...stop allowing others to define you"

                                                   John G. Taylor

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