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Workshop Topics

1. The Unspoken Language: The Art of Counseling African American Men.

2. On Her Own; The Journey and Therapeutic Counseling of Single African American Mothers raising their children alone.

3.The Paradoxical Relationship between Single Mothers and their Oldest Sons; The mixed message.

4. Are your Perceptions Creating a barrier for you; The Challenge of Race and Diversity in Therapy.

5. Behind the Veil; Inside the Mind of Men that Abuse their Intimate Partners

6. Counseling the African American Male Adolescent; The Installation of Hope in a Dark Reality

7. Reducing Suicidality in the LGBTQ Community: How can we do Better?

** All workshops created by John G. Taylor, to schedule any of these workshops in your area or agency please contact me @ or call 215-432-7383

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